Before you proceed with troubleshooting any connectivity issues with Honey Player, make sure you have the latest version of Honey Player installed on your Android device. You may read our support page before contacting our support.

Connection problems

A lot of connection problems can be solved by following some basic steps in this guideline:

  • Enable WiFi on your Android device and configure it properly for your local network.
  • Your Android device and your remote speakers must be on the same local network.
  • Your router (and firewalls) must be properly configured to allow:
    • Multicast traffic (Port 5353)
    • Communication between your Android device and the remote speakers (typically on the following ports: 5000 (TCP), 6000 (UDP), 6001 (UDP))
  • Attention: If your remote speakers do not appear within Honey Player on the “Select speaker” screen, make sure that your router supports multicast DNS calls.
  • Tip: Since Honey Player v1.1 you can connect to your remote speakers by entering the IP address manually.

Multiple wireless protocols
Often routers support multiple simultaneous wireless protocols. This can sometimes interfere with the process of finding remote speakers. For example: If your remote speakers connect over, say, 802.11a while your phone connects over 802.11n. In order to find the remote speakers, you may need to temporarily restrict protocol support on your router, and then restore your router settings after you successfully found your speakers. This is not an issue, if your remote speakers are connected to the network via a ethernet connection.