See the features of Honey Player in an overview

  • Stream your music to any AirPort Express, Apple TV 2
  • Support for 3rd party devices such as Zeppelin Air, Denon AVR etc. (new)
  • Browse your music library by interpret, album, song, playlist
  • Shuffle and single repeat
  • Connect to password protected devices
  • Listen to your music in the background
  • Last.fm Scrobble support
  • Available for Android phones up from API level 7
  • Auto mute for incoming calls
  • List current songs of playlist
  • Internet radio (Shoutcast)
  • Local file browser (new)

If you want us to support Spotify, please write a short message directly to Spotify at embedded@spotify.com

Feature Matrix

Skip song (next/previous)
Seeking within songs
Supported media types
Adjust volume

Build-In speaker
all (android specific)

Remote speaker
yes (2s delay)
all (you need v2.0 or higher)

Upcoming features

We know that there are a lot of things you will likely miss in the first versions of our player. We are working hard on upcoming features. Please visit our homepage, follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook to get notified once there is a new version. Our next releases will have:

  • stream  to multiple remote speakers at the same time
  • repeat all songs
  • download missing covers/album art
  • cover flow
  • add support for 3rd party services such as SoundCloud, Last.fm, Amazon Cloud Drive
  • add DLNA support
  • Must-have missing? Let us know.