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New HoneyPlayer Releases

Lovely HoneyPlayer users, it’s being a long time again that we publish a new version and we are sorry about this delay. Today we present two new HoneyPlayer versions. HoneyPlayer 1.5 is our final and last version for older devises, running Android Version 2.1.2 (API Level 7-14, Eclair). HoneyPlayer 2.0 is our new version for [...]

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Bad ratings – New audio codecs coming soon

Dear HoneyPlayer users, we are receiving a lot of bad ratings and mails due to the fact, that our player is only supporting MP3 files. From the very first day, our webpage is giving an overview about the features as well as the codecs we support. Anyway, next week we have a crunch coding week, [...]

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HoneyPlayer v.1.4.3 available

We just published v.1.4.3 of our HoneyPlayer. This new version adds the following new features: 100% French language support new notification screen smaller bugfixes

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We need your support!

Dear Honey Player user, currently we register some app crashes with the new version 1.4.1 but even with the crash logs, it is impossible for us to understand what happens. If you run into this bug and you know how to reproduce this error, it would be nice if you write us, so we are [...]

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Bugfix release 1.4.1

With the new crash reporting, introduced in v.1.4 we were able to understand what is going wrong in the real world. Therefore we concentrated on bug fixing and released our new version 1.4.1. It does not bring new features but will improve the overall stability and increase the connectivity to AirPlay speakers. Please let us [...]

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New Honey Player version 1.4

Dear Honey Player users, today we finally release Honey Player 1.4! We know, that it took a really long time for this release. We are planning to increase our release cycle and have smaller version upgrades more often! We really want to improve the app and make it the most robust AirPlay Music Player for [...]

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Honey Player Update 1.2.3

First of all: This week we exceeded the 1000 users mark, which makes us happy! As we got a lot of suggestions and feedback from our customers we spend some time to add more features to our lovely player. With our new release 1.2.3 we added the following: Landscape mode for the player Search for [...]

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Honey Player Update 1.2

It took a long time, but here it is – our update to version 1.2.2. Thanks for all your feedback, it really helps us to improve our app. Recently changes: Radio Streaming via SHOUTcast Currently Playing View New Setting: Autopause for incoming calls Increase playback performance Remote Volume controls with more steps (20) Bugfix: Adjust [...]

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Current feedback on the android market

Currently, some users are complaining that they have problems, they tell they hear “cracking noise” on their AirPort Express. Unfortunately , we can not reproduce these problems at all. In order to fix these kind of problems, we really need more information about your configuration. If you face a problem, please contact us via the [...]

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Important update 1.1.2

We release version 1.1.2 due to an error of the Google licensing framework in some minutes. Yesterday we published version 1.1.1 with our new company wide google account. While switching from a single developer to a company account, the public API key has changed. Therefore the new version was not able to run. We asked [...]

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