New HoneyPlayer Releases

Lovely HoneyPlayer users,
it’s being a long time again that we publish a new version and we are sorry about this delay. Today we present two new HoneyPlayer versions.

  • HoneyPlayer 1.5 is our final and last version for older devises, running Android Version 2.1.2 (API Level 7-14, Eclair).
  • HoneyPlayer 2.0 is our new version for newer devices > 4.0 (API Level >= 15, Ice Cream Sandwich)
In both versions, Radio Streaming is fixed. HoneyPlayer 2.0 offers the ability to stream songs in other Codecs than MP3. Finally HoneyPlayer is able to work with new audio codecs such as MP4, OGG Vorbis and Apple Lossless).