New Honey Player version 1.4

Dear Honey Player users,
today we finally release Honey Player 1.4!

We know, that it took a really long time for this release. We are planning to increase our release cycle and have smaller version upgrades more often!

We really want to improve the app and make it the most robust AirPlay Music Player for Android. Therefore we will need YOUR Feedback. There is new feature (in the settings) which enables you to send trace logs to the support team. With these logs, we hope to improve the overall compatibility.

As for this version, we cleaned up code, improved stability and concentrated on connection problems to AirPlay devices.
We added the following new features:

  • Support more 3rd party devices (Zeppelin Air, Denon AVR etc.)
  • Improved stability
  • Filebrowser which lets you browse your phone
  • Improved seeking
  • Improved bug reporting (Crash reports)

We introduced a new Honey Player Beta System. If you are interested in new releases or if you have problems with your connection to your AirPlay device, you might want to retrieve updates faster. Please contact us for more information about our beta program.

With Android 4 (IceCream Sandwich) there is a new API which helps us to support a lot of more audio files. We are currently testing the new features. The next release of Honey Player (v.2.0) will add this support.